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Caption for Pell Wall, Kitchen Garden 1911: Forcing plants and flowers in the kitchen garden reached its zenith in the 19th century, offering hosts considerable scope for impressing their guests. As well as providing vegetables and fruit all year round, it grew exotic blooms to decorate the rooms of the house – often these were chosen to complement the colours of the ladies' gowns. This ceaseless quest for the exotic and unlikely generated a tremendous amount of work for the gardeners.

Memories of Pell Wall Hall, Kitchen Garden 1911

My grandfather, William Simpson Bruchshaw, is the man coming out of the greenhouse with the plant in his hand.  He was head gardener to Mr Munro Walker until Mr Walker died.  My grandfather's youngest brother, Henry, was farm manager on the estate.  While at Pell Wall, my grandfather experimented in growing tomatoes on (...Read full memory)

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