Old Maps of Percuil

Historic Maps of Percuil and the local area.

Memories of Percuil

Read and share your memories of Percuil itself or of a particular photo of Percuil.

My pop's father was the Percuil ferryman for the St Mawes Steam Ship Co. My pop was the youngest ferryman taking people from Percuil to the ferry. He was in the local paper in the early 1900s for being the youngest ferryman in Cornwall. There was a photograph taken of him at the time, if anybody has any info on this photo please (...Read full memory)

My grandfather (William Bryant) built a houseboat and moored it in Percuil Creek where he, my grandmother and my mother would spend their summers in the 40s. My grandfather and his wife Dorothy were both born in Falmouth in 1902/1903 and my mother Patricia was born in Falmouth in 1932. My grandfather was a (...Read full memory)