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Memories of Petworth

The "Festival of Speed" was founded in 1993 by Lord Marsh, the event displaying and actively demonstrating racing machine from the present day and those stretching back to the beginning of the motor racing era back in the earliest days of motor car development. The main feature being a timed hill climb when (...Read full memory)

I was born in Chichester and lived in Petworth until I was 9. My memories of the Swan Hotel was as a child, my mother worked there in the 50's she was then Sheila Margaret Rough, who later married Thomas Charles Carter, she took us back there when I was probably 8 as she knew the owners and I remember having (...Read full memory)

My grandparents Hylands live in the millhouse at Petworth. When I was a child, after moving from a farm at Sutton my grandad Bill worked for the mill driving a flour lorry and nan Olive used to sell tickets to men wnting to fish along the the river. I loved staying there, trying to catch fish in the big millpond with our (...Read full memory)

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