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Art Deco
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Art Deco

Our archivist's pick of photos depicting this unmistakable architectural style which originated in the 1920s.

Memories of Pevensey Bay

We moved to Pevensey Bay when I was 4. In the Summer, the three of us would go down to the beach, early in the morning, while our parents were still asleep, and dig in the sand, and play. This was our childhood. We didn't know then how lucky we were, or how carefree our life was, but now, in later years, I have (...Read full memory)

We lived in Eastbourne at this time and would always come out to Pevensey Bay on summer days and spend time on the beach. It was so peacefull and there was very little traffic. There were many privately owned small shops and Pevensey Bay had a wonderfull village atmoshere. There was the Butchers shop, (...Read full memory)

My grandparents had bought No 64, Castle Drive (now 156) in the mid 30's. After the war ended they moved down to the Bay until they passed away in the 1980's. Each summer school holidays meant I had 4 glorious weeks with them & loved every minute. My parents had taken over the family newsagents (...Read full memory)

We went to Pevensey Bay every year when I was a child. We stayed in one of a row of 3 houses along Coast rd, which were set right on the beach. They were owned by a man named Mr Piddock. A lot of time was spent at the Bay hotel, sitting outside on ancient red leather seats, at cream painted metal tables if I (...Read full memory)

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