Memories of Pontycymer, Oxford Street c1952

Really strange looking at the photo of Oxford St circa 1955.  It took me some minutes to work out that I was looking at the old Post Office from the Square.  I remember the railings outside the Post Office.  I guess it's all changed now but it was a lovely place in which to grow up.  No-one locked their (...Read full memory)

This photograph has changed little I think apart from the demolishing of the public toilets on the right. The wooden notice board on the railings advertised the weekly films featured in the "Mem" and always drew my attention as I walked past it. The Squirrel is visible just up from the post office and was formerly called (...Read full memory)

Some years ago my mother came across this postcard and looking carefully saw herself! She is the woman, Joan Marion Jones, nee Gibson, carrying a child on the corner by what was a barbers. That child is my sister, Christine Jones (now Howell) and the boy by the side is myself. The other lady with her is my Auntie Beat. We (...Read full memory)

I lived in Blandy Terrace and went to the Ffaldua Boys' School and then the grammar school. I was the telegram boy at the Post Office for six months, it was great. I wonder if two girls I went to the infants school with are still about - Janet Prosser and Anne Powell. I live in Northants now but my heart is in the Garw. D.J.  

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