Redcar, Coatham, Christ Church 1891

Memories of Redcar

I remember my Grandmother, May Gray and Pop my Grandfather, William Gray, used to go to the Pavilion Theatre which is now, I think, the Cinema over the beach. She used to watch a man called Billy Breem who later became Larry Grayson there. His catch phrase, "Shut that door" came about when the back stage door was open. He (...Read full memory)

I believe the girl walking on the left is my mother Joan Outhwaite (nee Urwin). We have a similar photo of Mum in Redcar.

I am interested in any information about, or photos of, the McCrie family who lived in Redcar from around 1900 to around 1930.

I remember our first trip to Redcar on our trip to England. The Penny Arcades were our amusement for the day. It was the old pennies, the large ones. You would insert them in the machine, and they would roll down on their edges, to another pile of pennies. And you would hope your penny would tip the rest of the pennies, and (...Read full memory)

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