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I was born at 4 ruby road thornaby. My mother and father frank and Mary Greenwell brought up 10 children in that house so many great memories. There 10 kids are Doreen,Frankey,Eric,Robert Marjory,Francis,Mavis,Ann and the twins Christine and Carol. I met my husband David Smith his mam and dad lived on Bassleton lane and (...Read full memory)

used to love La Trobe's...remember the smell and wooden display cabinets. Wondering if there's a photo of Cullen's bakery in Bell Street or The Old Wheel. The former used to make lovely meringue ducks! Julia Baxter

I love this photo of London Road Reigate. There was a sweet shop just after Yorke road on the left - leading on to a chemists. I'd love to see a photo of them. Maybe folk didn't realise it was the shops that would be of interest.rather than the road. Is there a photo anywhere of the old swimming baths which was along from the town hall? kind regards Julia Baxter

My granddad, Frank White (and later, my dad, Roy White) had a shoe repair shop for about 40 years, until the late 60s, on Western Parade. It is just visible in the centre of the photo with the light and dark fascia board above the shop window. It was actually one shop split in two, with Parrs the mens' (...Read full memory)

My very first holiday away from mum and dad as a 17 year old on my way to Polperro from Morden in Surrey. My father saw me off on the train in London with instructions to change at Liskeard then catch the next train to Looe. On the Looe bound train late in the evening I boarded a near empty carriage (...Read full memory)

In the 1950s I lived in Broadhurst Gardens and every day walked with friends through this twitten to get to North Bank School in Smoke Lane. The lane was dark and overgrown on one side and on the other side backed onto the Crusader Insurance land. This side was fenced but there were gaps that we could peep through to see bright (...Read full memory)

My first job after leaving school in 1968 was at the original Frith & Co. in Raglan Road, Reigate. The company was based in a large Victorian mansion and in many ways the working methods probably hadn't changed much since the early 1950s. The nostalgia market was in its infancy in 1968 and the company (...Read full memory)

Today was my first time of going for a walk up Reigate Hill and it was thoroughly amazing. I'm 43 and never seen the beautiful views that can be seen over Reigate. Now I have a wonderful man who takes me to wonderful places, I look forward to seeing more stunning places like Reigate Hill, which he grew up playing on.

When I moved to Cornfield Road in early 1990, Cornfield Store at the corner was still an old style corner shop but only for a year or so.

I lived in Raglan Road and Wray Common was my playground! There was a little stream, lots of conker trees and one spot that was especially good for playing cricket (girls did that sort of thing in the 60s). There was a large house, I can't remember the name, by the post box at the beginning of Gatton (...Read full memory)