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I was born in Renton, we stayed in Back Street before moving to Tullichewan in the late forties. I have happy memories of my childhood in Back Street. Ann Webb was looking for information about our family; there were 7 brothers and 2 sisters in your father's family - Pat, Bill, George, Jack, Sanny(Alex) and Dan, sisters were (...Read full memory)

Hello anyone who can help me! My dad was born in the Renton. I am trying to find any of my aunts/uncles or cousins. My dad's name was Alexander (Alec) Fleming. He was one of five brothers, Bill, Dan, Jim and Tommy. There was also a sister I think, her name was Mary, May(?) I have great memories of going by (...Read full memory)

It was so lovely to read all your stories, it brought back lots of memories for me. I was born at 6 Cordale Avenue, Renton and went to the Renton Public and YES, I remember Miss Valance, the first day at school I got the strap, but I still had a wonderful childhood growing up in the Renton, going up (...Read full memory)

My name is Barry Graham and I lived at 35 Cordale Road which was one of the prefabs, as they were know in Renton. I have two brothers, Colin and Freddy, Colin still lives in Dumbarton and Fred lives in Sydney, I myself live in Perth in Western Australia. I left the UK after serving an Indented Apprentice in Denny's in (...Read full memory)

Hi Marion,met your dad in the Laughing Fox pub in Alexandria when he came for holiday, I knew who he was for years but didn't know him to talk to, I knew his brother Eric better as he was more my age. I actually knew them from when they stayed in Woodside Crescent, Bonhill, as I was pals with Norrie McDonald who stayed there. Yours, Bernard (Benjy) Boyle.

I lived in Carman Road, Renton until the age of 4 but I have many memories of Renton as my gran and papa lived in the Back Street. I remember walking up the dam and picking the bluebells. To this day I love bluebells. I also remember the swans in the dam and I seem to remember a spring well where you could stop and have a (...Read full memory)

Hello, I have written some memories about my childhood in Renton. It's amazing how many people you meet in the world.. I loved the Renton and Bonhill, places that I remember well, and some of the people that shaped my life.. My Mom's name is Helen Gray, her name was Helen Thomson she has three brothers, Robin, Jim, Alex and a (...Read full memory)

I was born in Alexandria but lived my whole life in Renton, the last place I lived was 3 McKim Walk. I also lived at 313 Main Street. I went to Renton public school and attended first year at Vale of Leven Academy. I loved growing up in Renton and all the adventures I had with my friends Lynn Smith and Elaine McFarlane. We (...Read full memory)