Old Maps of Ripponden

Historic Maps of Ripponden and the local area.

Memories of Ripponden

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As children, my two brothers and I would go to visit Nannan (my paternal grandmother) at Wells Bottom Farm, near Sowerby Bridge, Ripponden. We would stop at the Blue Bell Inn for a drink of pop, the highlight of the long car ride from Oldham. When I look up her name - Gaukroger, I see that there was many of that name (...Read full memory)

my name is Bronwyn Huggon nee Hicks. I remember Brig Royd being built and seeing Miss Eyres who lived in the big house being driven in her horse drawn carriage. What wonderful days we had at the Gala waiting to see who became Miss Ripponden or who was chosen to be the Rose Queen. I remember the parade, the food and (...Read full memory)