Romford, Market c.1950

Memories of Romford

The BBC is looking at the day that Margaret Thatcher introduced the 'Right to Buy' scheme, allowing people in council houses to buy their own homes. The film will look at the benefits for several million people who became homeowners, and the difficulty for councils in replacing the stock of social (...Read full memory)

I remember very well the giant tennis racket outside of Wards Sports. A little further down was a menswear shop Smart Westons, and what was the name of the coffee bar that was near to both of these shops? Romford was a clean, and enjoyable place to shop in those days. To see it now is very depressing.

I'm wondering if anyone remembers St. Mary's High School in Western Road. I attended the school when I was very young in 1946-9, before my family emigrated first to Canada, then to the USA. My best friends were Zena O'Shea, Rebecca Brown and Valerie Dunbar - and I can still remember clearly most things about the (...Read full memory)

My grandad, used to take me to Romford Market as a young child, to see the cattle and sheep in the pens ready for auction, exactly where the market stalls are held now. We used to go in a cafe for a cup of tea and a cake. The cafe is still there today but is now up in the new building in what was the old arcade, they have (...Read full memory)

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