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Urban Life

Lively street scenes of favourite UK towns & cities.

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Caption for Romford, Quadrant Arcade C1950: The L-shaped Quadrant Arcade, stretching between South Street and the Market Place, was formally opened on 23 September 1935. This view from the centre, looking towards the market, shows some of the 36 shop units which it provided. It was the brainchild of Mr W Goodchild who overcame considerable opposition to his ambitious scheme.

Memories of Romford

Hi all, I was born at No 86 Dagenham Road which at the time was Harris and.sons Greengrocers shop born in 1943 and lived there until1961. My Brothers Richard John and Norman used to manage the shop until my Mother Violet Gladys Harris sold it to my Aunt Nell and cousins Tony and Peter (...Read full memory)

I well remember as a small girl going to the top of Kensington Road to watch the cattle being driven to the market on a Wednesday morning, I think they were from Fowlers Farm but not too sure about that one, then we used to go to the market and watch the cattle being auctioned and also to watch Lou the handbag man selling his (...Read full memory)

Hi, I'm an ex Romford lad, I lived in 61 Douglas Road from 1942-1958. When I left school in 1950 I started work in the London Co-op in Park Lane as an errand boy. I bought my first bicycle from Sisselys in Rush Green, it was a Sunbeam, I had that for a good many years and went out weekends on it. I did a couple of (...Read full memory)

I am told that once upon a time buses ran through Romford Market towards Gidea Park. Apparently I was happily standing in the queue with my mother and newly-born sister in a pram waiting for a 174. I held tight to Mum's coat so as not to lose her. Imagine my surprise to find that the coat in question (...Read full memory)

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