Old Maps of Rugeley

Historic Maps of Rugeley and the local area.

My great grandparents lived in Yardlrys Entry, Horsefair, Rugeley. I know this as it is on my grandfather's birth certificate - Alfred Johnson. In 1919 he was a Corporal in the i/6 north staffs regiment 240380. He had been in France but must have had some leave spring 1918 as Arthur was born Jan 1919! He had been a coal miner. (...Read full memory)

Learnt to dance in there Miss Walsh she married John ? I visited them many years later when they lived Leicester way. Also caught up with Betty and John Griffith (Dec) living in Weeping Cross outside Stafford. I have kept in contact with Betty over the years, another call is imminent. Left in July 1955. Now living in Australia, since 1966. Happy to make contact, also on Facebook.