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Memories of Saundersfoot, the Harbour c1960

I spent every Summer in Saundersfoot from the age of 6 to 15! My Uncle owned the garage at the bottom of the arches in Tenby, and I had great fun exploring. I am trying to remember the name of a lovely little gift shop in The Strand, that no longer exists... think it began with a D..? It was on the right around a third of the way up. Kate Butler (nee Cosgrove)

When I was a child, my grandparents had a static caravan on the 'Zealand' caravan park in Saundersfoot (now part of Scar Farm). We stayed there every school holiday and I have many lovely memories; many include a bag of chips and the steep walk up the hill beside the Hean Castle Pub. Saundersfoot feels (...Read full memory)

Does any one remember the cinema on the South Beach by the Jubilee Park?

The only South Beach I can think of, is in Tenby, there was a cinema there on the South beach, in which you had to walk on an elevated tunnel to reach the doors. Don't know when it was demolished, because I moved out of the area in 1965, hope this was some help.

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