Dawlish Rd - a Memory of Selly Oak.

I was born in 1960 in Great Barr but moved to Dawlish Rd in 1964 until 1968 with my elder brother Brian. My mother, Irene, ran the shop and my father Dennis worked at GEC Witton. I went to Tiverton Rd School and we lived in the 'Mace' grocery shop next to the school entrance. I went to Tiverton Rd swimming baths nearly every day. We used to take the bus to the Lickey Hills and played very often in Raddlebarn Park or Cannon Hill Park. I also remember playing in the University grounds, the canal and railway track. Pretty dangerous I guess. Playing in the condemmed back-to-back housing also presented a hazardous childhood! At the top of Dawlish Rd was an outdoor market that we used to buy small bags of peanuts from a plump balding chap in a brown shopcoat, a chip shop where we bought scraps of batter and a newsagent right at the corner, I think. Anyway, I have not been down there too much since.

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Sat Oct 11th 2014, at 2:44 pm
kaz6047 commented:
Hi Julie, what year were you in Mrs Parsons class? I too have fond memories of her. Strange that I can still remember what she looked like but remember nothing about other teachers. They wouldnt get away with nicknames now would they?
Cocoa has never tasted as good as it did back then.

Tue Sep 23rd 2014, at 4:41 pm
Paul Day commented:
I cant remember any teachers at all. Does anyone remember standing at the bottom iron gates shouting loudly for my Mom to bring us tip tops from our shop at lunchtime break?
I also remember a boy called Karim Shaffi ( I think) lived across the road from the school, the first Asian family in Dawlish Rd.
Tue Sep 23rd 2014, at 9:05 am
Julie Mc Neill commented:
Hi Kaz - I remember Mrs Parsons very fondly - a happy person - it must have been her thing to nickname - mine was ping pong because she thought I looked Chinese!
I helped Mrs Homer with the cocoa in winter and cordial in summer at playtime.
In those early years there was a bit of a rock garden at the top of the hill then it was all concreted over. I tried skipping down it, tripped up and broke my arm. It was also good when they painted hop-scotch on the ground too.
All your talk of chocolate shows how well Mr Cadbury kept us sweet, and Paul, I swam at Tiverton Rd most days thanks to a free pass(again sponsored by Cadbury).
Tue Sep 23rd 2014, at 8:48 am
Julie Mc Neill commented:
Loved to roller-skate from Exeter Rd to 'the village' still called in the 50's/60's/70's. Good place to grow up, close to everything. My mum said there were so many places to get work - you could leave one job and go and get another in the afternoon.
My Mum and Nan(Higgins) also worked as barmaids at the pubs on the Bristol Rd.
Nan and Grandad lived at the Raddlebarn end of Dawlish Rd which is where 'our' park was.
I blogged about my Selly Oak family at"
Tue Aug 26th 2014, at 3:06 pm
kaz6047 commented:
Well that was a bit tough on you wasnt it. Yes I do remember that film show. my sister was there with me and took my chocolate....no wonder I was tiny...she still is a bully lol. Who;s class were you in.?
I remember when it was really cold we had cocoa from a big metal jug I can still remember the smell it was lovely.
Mon Aug 25th 2014, at 10:14 pm
Paul Day commented:
The bars of chocolate and also the chocolate fingers or rich tea that were sold at breaktime to have with our milk bottles.
Do you recall that we went to see a film about how chocolate was made and then we had to write an essay about it, the winner received outers of Cadburys chocolate?
And I won the prize but the teacher had me share all the bars with the class!
All this chocolate making my mouth water lol..
Mon Aug 25th 2014, at 8:40 pm
kaz6047 commented:
Well I remember we swapped toys I had your action man and you took my barbie . I dont think we were allowed to play together again. lol Funny the things you remember .
Sadly I have lost both my parents recently. Its sad there is no one left to ask about these things.
Do you remember the cinema shows at the school and the little bars of chocolate we got. I was in Mrs Parsons class at school she used to call me pitta patta because I was so tiny and my name was Pittaway.
Wed Aug 13th 2014, at 7:18 pm
Paul Day commented:
Hey, I think I remember Deakins, what about John Wynn?
Tiverton rd baths were where we spent most time.
Im not too aware of much else as I was only 6 or 7 when we left.
My grandparents lived in Northfield and we went there on the 63 bus.
My mother died in January but my Dad is still alive though in Tamworth.
I also remember the newsagent just around the corner on Bristol Road where I used to buy sweets with my sixpence pocket money, and the cinema where we used to go to on a Saturday morning to watch the matinee every weekend.
Happy days!
Tue Aug 12th 2014, at 8:16 am
kaz6047 commented:
Hi Paul, I dont remember the Hollywoods. Yes I remember Esthers had forgotten what it was called her daughter was Trish and we used to sit on the shop counter eating sugar sandwiches lol.
Do you remember Joy Deakin? We left there when I was 6 or 7 but my grandparents lived there longer .
Thu Aug 7th 2014, at 8:09 pm
Paul Day commented:
Hi Karen, I cant say I remember names sorry, but yes we used to climb up the alley walls to swing on the rusty ladder bars.
The roller skate with a plank across it was what I remember, going down that hill at the top school.
Do you remember the Hollywood family?
terry and ....er... with a sister I think.
Yes Mr Pierce at the outdoor, fat man with a snuffle.
Happy days! we were next to Esthers haberdashery, cant remember her daughter but yes remember the windows shaded out lol.
Thu Aug 7th 2014, at 2:27 pm
kaz6047 commented:
Paul I remember you , I remember climbing on the bars at the bottom of the alleyway at the side of Tiverton Road school. Also sliding down there on an old tray when it was icy! We lived at number 40 I was born there. I remember your shop. Do you remember Mr Pierce at the outdoor? and the chip shop at the bottom of the road? There was a haberdashery / clothes shop with what I thought was lucozade paper over the windows. It was to stop things fading . I also remember a Colemans shop at the bottom of the road opposite side to chip shop.

Karen Roberts (Nee Pittaway)

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