Old Maps of Shorne

Historic Maps of Shorne and the local area.

Memories of Shorne

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My grandmother (Edith Florence Pawley) worked in service in Shorne (I have a very badly damaged photo). I have a postcard written to her from her fiance, addressed to her c/o Mrs Levy, Court Wood, Pear tree Lane, Shorne, probably early 1920s. I can't seem to find a house with that name now although it seems to be the (...Read full memory)

I lived on River View Park estate and by the age of 10 would cycle to the woods near Shorne village. There was an abandoned gravel workings and the area was a great place to play. We found a crane we could climb on and other machinery left amongst ponds which were full of newts! I remember sandy bottomed pools (...Read full memory)