Old Maps of Sopley

Historic Maps of Sopley and the local area.

Memories of Sopley

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I too was at RAF Sopley and I remember having a call out to a fire at married quarters which was some distance from the camp. Up we roared in our little flat lorry towing a fire pump at 16 MPH flat out only to find when we arrived that the Bournemouth Fire Brigade had arrived before us from 12 miles away and put out the fire. But at least we got a good cheer.

RAF Sopley was very special. My station from July 1957 Till June of 1959. The post office in Bransgore was aspecial place for all airmen. The cat and fiddle, as well as the crown were special meeting places. My vist in September to the Station inasmuch with permission from Sue, I walked the site many of the old buildings in (...Read full memory)