Old Maps of Southwell

Historic Maps of Southwell and the local area.

I was born in Southwell in 1955. In Easthorpe. I still go for walks around town i will be 62 this year. I would love to move back but the cost of houses are to much My first taste of beer was in the Portland. No longer there. I use to go to school there. My final school was the Edward Cludd. Which is called the minster now. The (...Read full memory)

The Methodist infant school's headmaster was George Topliss, my teacher was Mrs Cresswell. The school is now a private house. There were only three classes, infants, juniors and seniors. If you did not pass the 11+ you stayed until 14-15 years and then went to work. In the juniors was an ogre of a teacher, really strict (...Read full memory)