Old Maps of St Mawes

Historic Maps of St Mawes and the local area.

Memories of St Mawes

Read and share your memories of St Mawes itself or of a particular photo of St Mawes.

My father was born in St Mawes in 1910. On his fourth birthday (so family legend has it) he was given a pair of Dutch wooden clogs. Being a canny child of seafarers, he knew that hollow wooden vessels floated. So when the tide was in, he set off from the steps in the bottom left corner of this picture, (...Read full memory)

This is Lower Castle Road and the second cottage which is a slightly darker colour belonged to my parents-in-law, Edward and Nancy Honeyman-Brown. They originally lived in Essex but had taken their holidays in Porthscatho for many years taking hours and hours travelling through the night with their two young sons. (...Read full memory)