Memories of Staines

That's my Dad's Morris Minor - MCE464 - the second car in. He used to work at the North Thames Gas Board offices down the Causeway. He must have been doing a spot of shopping in town or visiting his lady friend?

My grandfather Charles Maillou and one of his brothers used to own the Ship Inn. It was located near Staines Bridge and the Causeway , they owned the pub prior to WWII and not sure for how long. The business also included included a coach company. We lived at Glebe Road as did my grandparents and I went to Egham Hythe (...Read full memory)

I was born at 30,Cherry Tree Ave , in 1940 ,being a war baby we grew up hearing the sirens ,my mother would pull down the Blackouts ( like a roller blind but covered in a thick black material) then many children would come to our house and we would all scamper under the big table( which had steel over the top and down (...Read full memory)

I remember a shop called Young Styles.... near the iron bridge. Was the ‘in’ place to be seen in the mid 80s.... two tone skirts, y cardigans, tonics, stay press, ‘arringtons. Loved spending my paper round money in there!

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