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Memories of Tattenham Corner

I was born at number 42 Tattenham Grove in 1939 and lived there with my mother and grandparents until 1944 when my dad came home from the war. My grandfather worked on the railways, and used to come off shift at the station, one of my favourite places. The weighing machine and the machine where (...Read full memory)

I remember well receiving the Silver Jubilee coin (still have it!) when my sister and I had just started at Merland Rise Primary School. The headteacher became Mrs. Pepper but I can't recall the name of the lovely lady who was headteacher before her. We used to always go to Tattenham Corner Station to (...Read full memory)

I lived with my parents and sister in Merland Rise between 1950 and 1959. We were just a few doors away from the school that my sister and I attended. I remember privet hedges and green garden gates, there was an air of 'respectability' about the whole place. Before I started school I went shopping with my mum on (...Read full memory)

i can remember the kind manager of this shoe shop, i was only 7 and i was impressed with the wooden foot measurer, i also wemt to the coop with my mother, i wonder if the shops are still there, in 1977 was the queens silver jubilee, and children from the local merland rise waved union jacks on derby day 1977, all i saw was a pink glove. happy new year ro you all ivan

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