Old Maps of Thatcham

Historic Maps of Thatcham and the local area.

I moved to Park Lane in 1948.I was about 2 years old.Lived there with my Family till about 1956.It was all fields at the back of our house.At the top of the road was the Junior School I went to.It had about 4 class rooms.I can still remember how young my Mum and Dad looked then,as if it was now.At the bottom of Park Lane was the (...Read full memory)

The shop opposite the White Hart public house, owned by Simonds, was called Lays Stores. My mother and father bought it in 1952 and ran it till it closed in 1962. Before that, they owned the fish and chip shop which has now been demolished to make way for the 1st relief road which got the through traffic out of the (...Read full memory)