Old Maps of Trawsfynydd

Historic Maps of Trawsfynydd and the local area.

Memories of Trawsfynydd

Read and share your memories of Trawsfynydd itself or of a particular photo of Trawsfynydd.

I was in the Irish Guards and in 1945 we came to Trawfynydd by train for field training. The camp consisting of 2 or 3 huts was situated at Trawsfnydd on the left just off the main road to Bleanau. During one exercise on the stream high up the hill, a rifle was dropped into one of the deep pools on the (...Read full memory)

This photo is fairly unique since it shows the Camp at Bryngolau, Trawsfynydd, where the Royal Artillery Summer Camp was located for 2 years from 1903 before establishing a more permanent camp 2 miles south at Bronaber in 1905, where it remained until about 1958.