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Historic Maps of Trenarren and the local area.

Memories of Trenarren

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My dad's Grandma, Louisa Batchelor, was born at Trenarren in one of the block of three cottages to the left of the picture, now demolished. Her mother's maiden name was Rowse (no relation to AL). They moved to Fowey about 1870 where she met a sea captain who came with coal and returned with china clay. In 1877 he carried her off to Hull, Yorkshire, where they were married. Beth Meese.

Me and my family used to live at Trenarren, what a place, we used to live in the house below Mr Rouse, some lovely cottages there. When the tide used to go out at Hallane beach we used to walk all the way round but you had to know the tide otherwise you would be swimming back. I no longer live there but I had to (...Read full memory)