Old Maps of Upper Clatford

Historic Maps of Upper Clatford and the local area.

Memories of Upper Clatford

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My mother was born in the cottage in 1926. Her father was the head gardener at Clatford Mills. I believe they moved to Clatford Lodge, in the ground,s about 1928. In 2010 my husband and my daughter were lucky enough to visit the grounds with other family members. My mother has been back a couple of times. She was a war bride and came to Australia in 1945.

I was born in Upper Clatford in 1945. I have fond memories the good and bad times. I went to the local school where we would draw on slates with chalks. I used to live in cottages now pulled down. There was a well at the bottom of the path where I drew water in a wooden bucket. I had a dog, Tiny was his name. My (...Read full memory)