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Court School Of Dancing

A Memory of Uxbridge.

Oh what innocent days back in the 60/70’s.
My best mate and I used to enjoy going to the C s of D once or twice a week. No alcohol on the premises, just non alcoholic beverages so very enjoyable, non aggressive evenings.
If one was a bit shy the hosts would get you up and dance with you, without exception they were lovely and kind.
Dancing to modern (then) popular music, getting your hands on a girl and being able to TALK was just great fun. I met and got engaged to a lovely girl through the Court. Alas it didn’t end in marriage but we enjoyed a great romance.
Yes I and my buddy have very happy memories of the ‘Court’ , innocent times as I say.
As a Grandfather with 6 Gkids I’m so glad I have those happy memories.

With thanks to Martin Morgan for this memory of Uxbridge

Added 07 January 2021


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The Court School of Dancing, that brings back SO MANY happy memories. I joined it in January 1969 and went regularly up until April 1970 when I moved to South Ealing due to a new job in Alperton. Clive was the dance teacher, obviously gay, in the nicest possible way and a total extrovert. Jenny was his assistant dance teacher who I had previously known from Uxbridge Youth club. I went every Tuesday and Thursday and met some lovely new friends and boyfriends too. Can't remember all the names but there was a group of us, Mike Biggs, his brother and wife Gwen, Sue and David. I also met Robert Hughes, a trainee manager for Sainsbury's from Maclyneth, north wales who came there with three other trainee's. We dated on and off up until I moved. We learned Ballroom dancing to top twenty hits and also small dance routines, as a group, that Clive made up. Yes, it was a great way to meet other young people like us, especially if you were the shy type (not me :-))) ) and, as stated, only soft drinks/snacks so never any trouble. And it's obviously caught on again with all ages :- Strictly Come Dancing. Thank you Martin for reminding me of more happy memories of Uxbridge.

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