Walkden, Entrance To Par Fold Park c.1955

Memories of Walkden

I went to Little Hulton High School 1970-75 and remember walking up Madam`s Wood Road to school every day. We would go to the bakery [Hames`s] on Little Hulton Precinct to buy our lunch as 5th years. I used to run for the school and some of my year students were : Johnny Gregory, Roy Walker [ Wogga] David Metcalfe [Meccy], (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Burtons? My dad used to work there, Jack Gregory, if anyone remembers him. They used to take workers kids to the pantomime every year, they were good times. My dad passed on in 2004. I am doing a family search so anything relevent woul be very helpful. Thank you, R Mather.

Does anyone remember Joseph Easthams Secondary School? I used to go there when we lived on Newearth Road, Walkden and I used to walk up Hilton Lane every morning to attend. There used to be a be a farm on the left near the train bridge; it used to feel like miles away.

Hi, I was born in LLay north Wales in June 1939, three weeks later we moved to Walkden. The family joke was, I was the cause of the WW2. We lived at 67 Westminster Road, just down from where the monument was originaly located. Whilst I will concede there was a war going on my early recollections were of hiding under the (...Read full memory)

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