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I lived in Wilton Lodge as a child with my family from 1960 to March in 1962. The year of the fantastically cold and snowy winter. The house was still in one piece although inside it had been turned into a few flats. Our flat was up one flight of stairs and the sitting room windows faced the enormous back (...Read full memory)

This picture was taken from the front of the Civil Defence Corps HQ in New Zealand Avenue. I was a member of the Corps until it was disbanded in March 1968.

I spent my childhood in Walton to the age of 20 when I got married. I have so many happy memories that I have written my biography up to the age of 15, describing so many of the things I did with friends and the places in Walton that were relevant. One of the strangest activities was following fire (...Read full memory)

I have particularly fond memories of George Cansdale opening the pet shop in New Zealand Avenue in the early 1950s. It made the front page in the Surrey Herald and featured a picture of George with me. My parents purchased a copy of the photograph, but over the last 60 years or so I've managed to lose (...Read full memory)

My grandparents had a shop in the High Street. I lived there from 1945-1964. My mother eventually sold it in the 60's I think my grandparents bought it around 1910

I, too, remember Birkheads with great affection though in rather earlier times. I was born in what is now called "Ashby House" which is being converted from an office building into a restaurant and flats but which then was the Walton branch of Barclays Bank and named "The Old Bank House". My Dad was the manager. (...Read full memory)

I worked at Birkheads in Church street around 1967/8 in the TV department. Great old fashioned store that used to deal with the stars from St George's Hills. They would close the store and open in the evening just for The Beatles or Tom Jones. Amazing days. I remember Linda (I think) who ran the (...Read full memory)

I think that the second building on the right is a house and drapers shop, which at that time was owned or run by my great grandfather Charles Benjamin Casey. I believe the family ran the shop and lived on the premises in the period approximately 1880-1910.

I am looking for a house called 'Red Towers' in Hersham where my mother and two aunts were born and lived in their early days. Does anyone know the Harris family who may have owned or rented this property and the house itself? I would love to know for my family tree.

I also found that Mount Felix was the home of the start of Thomas Cook travel, founded by a previous occupant.