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Memories of Warrington

This photo is dated 1965. By this time the factory was owned by the Burton Group, making men's suiting and jackets. Burton's bought it in 1961. I started working there in September that year till it closed in 1977. One of the men I worked with had been working for Bennett's for years and said that during the war one (...Read full memory)

I remember as a youngster my mum and dad talking of the Queen's forthcoming visit to Warrington and how the statue of Oliver Cromwell was to be covered so as not to upset her. They eventually moved the statue to a less visible place and the side of the Academy.

Catching gudgeon at Ackers Pit and taking them home in jam jar (they died!) Swimming in Bridgewater Canal "Dukes`s" would you believe at Grappenhall! Passing exam for Boteler Grammar and getting a new beach ball as a reward (all other kids had a new bike) Sorry dad ...I know we had no money.

I used to be an Altar Boy at St. Mary's and went to St. Mary's School. I did not realize that the church was that old.

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