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Caption for Sheringham, The View From The Roman Encampment 1894: Who said that Norfolk was flat! This view was taken from one of the highest points in the county. Legend has it that the Romans billeted here so that their enemies could easily be seen; they lit signal fires to alert troops in the area and the local population of any potential invasion.

Memories of West Runton

I lived in this house in the late 50s early 60s as my grandfather Harry Worman owned it. It was brilliant and as a youngster I thought that the forest belonged to me. I had a pony, a dog, a rope, a penknife and bicycle. What more could any kid want.

My name was Donna Bishop when I lived with my parents, Sgt Frank Bishop and Jeanette. We were stationed  at Sulthorpe air force base, but we rented a house from Mr. and Mrs. Sainty. Our house was supposed to be haunted. I remember Susan and Alison Sainty, they were our next door neighbors and (...Read full memory)

My first love was Susan Sainty who, at this time, lived in London Road, Kings Lynn with sister Alison, and mum and dad. Her gran lived in Cley and the family probably had the chalet bungalow in West Runton at the time. We met at Kings Lynn tech in about 1963 /1964 and I was heartbroken when we parted in about 1965. I (...Read full memory)

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