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A special collection of archive photos of England's capital city.

Memories of West Wickham, High Street c1955

I lived in West Wickham from when I was born in 1956 until 1968. Remember the place very well. I went to Hawes Down school where Miss Washington was the headmistress. Always used to go to Kiddilines the toy shop at the bottom of the High Street and Hobbytime near the railways station. All my pocket money went on Airfix kits! (...Read full memory)

There was a lot more green fields in the1940's. White gate farm was where the swimming baths are now. there was Smith farm opposite the White Hart which had a pond outside and the cows were driven from a field which is now Baptist to farm entrance at the end of the Alders. There was also a field beside the (...Read full memory)

I remember going to the circus with live wild animals on the site opposite High Street Sainsbury's and going to the travelling fair on the field which is now going to become Lidl's On VE day we had a street party on Hawes Lane and it was the first time I had seen fairy lights out in the road.

We used to go west wickam quite a lot but mostly passing through, and the pictures and memories were the swimming baths which we used frequently, The cake shop just along from the Conney that sold the most delious cream horns, I think we had a Christmas party above the pub that the Police had for all the kids of (...Read full memory)

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