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Weston-super-Mare Photographic Memories

Weston-super-Mare Photographic Memories

The photo 'Weston-super-Mare, Anchor Beach 1890' appears in this book

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Caption for Weston Super Mare, Anchor Beach 1890: This view shows a number of changes from the previous scene. On Birnbeck Pier, new amusements include a switchback railway. Note that there is no lifeboat slipway visible. This was not built until 1902. The Royal Pier Hotel opened in 1854 and was Weston's second purpose-built hotel after the Royal Hotel.

An extract from Weston-super-Mare Photographic Memories.

Memories of Weston-super-Mare

Iam Weston born and bred from the age of 8 to15 I worked-with the Drew family on the beach with the donkeys and carriages from 1963-1970 I must have had my photo taken hundreds of times yet can't find any anyway of that time our stand was by the first aid post I would love to know if any one out there has any (...Read full memory)

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