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Caption for Wimborne, East Street 1936: Transport is the most obvious change since 1904, with motor cars replacing the bicycles and piles of horse manure seen in the earlier picture (52475, pages 18-19). Identifiable businesses include Murray Kerridge's jewellery shop (far left), the shoe chain Frisby's, who had begun their long tenure opposite after moving from Poole Corner, and in the distance H P Lorie's furniture store.

Memories of Wimborne, East Street 1936

In 1938 my mother walked this street with me and my brothers and sisters every week, to and from Cowgrove to visit my Grandmother, who lived in a row of cottages around the corner (coming from the Minster) which I believe was Poole Road. If my memory serves me, there were cottages running at right (...Read full memory)

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