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Caption for Wimborne, East Street c1955: The splendid Minster dominates the town of Wimborne, though there are many other buildings worth seeking out. Even in our superstore age, this town has managed to retain a number of little family shops.

Memories of Wimborne Minster

Wimborne Folk Festival takes place every year in June - it is a glorious mixture of dancing, music and dressing up with visitors from all over England bringing their entertainment to the streets, squares and pubs of this pretty town. The festival attracts morris dancers and (...Read full memory)

I can remember when this was the main A31! Yes it is very difficult to imagine now that all the traffic from East to West came along this road as well as the traffic from West to East, that is both ways! Yes ALL the traffic as there was no by-pass in those days!! When the volume of vehicles increased, because the road (...Read full memory)

My parents bought the shop and house in the foreground in 1980. You could just see a 'Hobbs' sign painted on the front of the building and Mr L E Hayward had a toy and pram shop there which he had run since just after the war, I think. You can still see his shop in the model town in Wimborne. (...Read full memory)

I enjoyed this 2008 Wimborne Folk Festival and consider it one of the best of the many I have performed at with Whitethorn Morris over the last 20 plus years. The Saturday procession was packed with spectators enjoying both the performers and the glorious weather - there must (...Read full memory)

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