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Art Deco

Our archivist's pick of photos depicting this unmistakable architectural style which originated in the 1920s.

Memories of Wokingham, Longmoor Lake, Lakeside Holidays, California c1960

I went to Wescott Road school in 1950 then St Crispins 1956. I can recall quite a few shops. Herrings furniture where you could buy on hp with no checks as Mr Herring assessed whether or not you looked trustworthy. NSS newsagents. Next door was a chemist who washed my eye out after getting grime in it from a passing steam train (...Read full memory)

I also remember the Café on my way home to the Nine Mile Ride.

This holiday camp was known as California in England and was owned by the Cartledge family.  Mr Cartledge ran the holiday camp and Mrs Cartledge ran the Red Puppet cafe in Wokingham's Peach Street for some time, where a group of boys from the Forest school and girls from the Holt would meet for coffee on the way home from school.

I can remember going sancing in the  park. I was stationed at Bailiol Camp, Arborfield and we used to go there in a 3 ton army lorry. I can't remember how often we used to go there, after all it was 60 + years ago. I went back to Arborfield Camp a couple of years ago with the REME assn. for a couple of days' stay but that is the only time I have been back. Pete Radford

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