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Caption for York, St Mary's Tower C1885: This was the water tower for St Mary's Abbey. At one time the abbey boundary wall stood along the river bank. The little building to the rear, which here has 'baths' written on it, is now used as a store for canoes. The cart horses and their owners are waiting patiently to unload cargo from the moored boat - was it fish, perhaps?

An extract from York Photographic Memories.

Memories of York

I miss this place

This photo reminds me of two wonderful years I spent at York Technical College in Clifford St. I always found the tower fascinating, but never learned its history until many years later. I love York, even though I live half a world away now, I always visit the city when in England.

Another bloomer! This is actually Bootham Bar, which is to the north of the City. There is no such place as "West Gate" in York.

My memories of the Londesborough in the mid to late sixties was that it was one of the city's music pubs. Around 1966 local bands (called groups then) played at the Londesborough, The Coach and Horses and the Burns. The Londesborough was the safest as the other two venues could get a little hefty at times. The name of the (...Read full memory)

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