Old Maps of Zeals

Historic Maps of Zeals and the local area.

My mother Edna Long was born in Zeals in 1936 the youngest of seven born at westfield house which is no longer there and brought up in chapel lane she attended the village school and worked at the dairy in bourton she was married to my father in the church in 1958 where my grandad Harry Long is is layed to rest my grand mother (...Read full memory)

I first went to Zeals at the age of about 4 months, my grandparents lived in the row of cottages on Tulse hill. My grandparents where Mr and Mrs Hicks, with them lived my aunt who still lives there to-day, Phillys Chislett, along with her husband Ken; my cousins Josie,Jackie, Kevin, Barbara and Sharon, all (...Read full memory)