Old Maps of Uxbridge

Historic Maps of Uxbridge and the local area.

The above memories have brought a lot back to me. I used Barnards for vinyl in the late 50s, my first LP was the Carl Perkins ‘Dance Album’, uninspiring title but a fantastic album of top rockabilly from the king. My second was Elvis’s first vinyl release in 1957, an absolute treasure. I still play them today, never (...Read full memory)

Loved coming to Uxbridge every fortnight Saturday or Sunday to meet my schoolfriend who lived in Hillingdon.Much better than Harlesden which meant a tube ride or nicer still a 607 trolleybus all the way from Shepherds Bush,how I miss the trolleys. There was a café on the corner at the front of the station open Sundays as was (...Read full memory)