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Saw some memories about Guinea Gap on here. I went there as a Kid from Moreton in the 1960's probably from 66 - 68. It was old then - Victorian I believe. I learnt to swim there (and Moreton shore) cant remember the instructors name (he had jet black hair) but he was a good bloke and taught me well. My Mum also took lessons (...Read full memory)

Remember Guinea gap baths in 60s.Dick took my swimming lessons and taught me to swim.Drink of bovril afterwards from vending machine!! Used to also play outside the baths sliding down grassy hill on cardboard.Then to the cake shop and then walk home to Lea road.Happy days!!As a kid you could go and play anywhere without fear and just have fun.

I went to Riverside School and played out in the sunny weather in the summer we had back then. This post I have just found fiddling around on my iPad. What a joy it is to see the old places The Derby Pool, Harrison Drive, Central Park and the Wallasey (...Read full memory)

I loved liscard roundabout at Christmas, all the different things they had each year, the beautiful Norwegian spruce, snow white one year, Cinderella the next and so on, and shopping in liscard village, mainly in woollies, you could get most of your presents there, my granddad told me about the monkey house and the toilets (...Read full memory)

The shop on the right next to the Paint shop on the corner Was my Fathers Grocers The van outside was his delivery van . Does anybody remember him His name was Ken Boorman and my Mums name was Megan His father had the shop before him it had been there many years. I was a pupil at St Georges then Oh that was all so long ago.

This not "The Sandhills." This view is from the railway bridge overlooking Harrison Park, so named after a famous Wallasey family. The hills are man made, allegedly from the spoil from the building of the Wallasey tunnel. This is around the corner from another picture in the collection: St. Nicholas Church.

Very happy memories of Longowrth's bycycle shop and bought all my boys bikes there over the years. A lovely man always in a light browny overall. Due to having to maintain all the oliy bikes. The butchers Roberts had the best meat in Wallasey. Does anybody remember Appletons on Belvedere Road who sold the most amazing bacon.

I recall with grea/t fun going on the 11 bus from Prenton to the New Brighton terminus behind floral pavilion. We then walked to the fair with Crompton train, got a ticket for the airplanes,swingboats and the little trains, round the little run it does,great fun followed by a wagon wheel and lemonade on the old pier (...Read full memory)

Hi Lynda, I don't recall your name but recognise many of your memories. I remember Brertons, and I think the general store was Downeys, at least a Mr. Downey ran it. An assistant's name was Dixie. Also there was a shop called Troddens that also ran a small private library. My grandmother lived in Canterbury Road and (...Read full memory)

I too recall those wonderful days at the Derby Pool and I was one of the bombers from the top board. I also turned gamekeeper and worked at the pool for a couple of seasons around 1970. The Foreman or Chargehand was called Bill, anyone remember him ? A silver haired bloke in his fifties with an eye for the ladies who (...Read full memory)