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known as Limes Parade, built in 1910. Some of the lime trees have also gone; but now seats have been provided so that townsfolk can enjoy the area, and there are innovations in the form of a telephone kiosk and a pillar box. Burden and Parker, the Murphy television and radio dealers on the right, also indicates the modern means of entertainment and communication; Humphris, near right, was a jewellers.

Memories of Weybridge, the Quadrant and Limes Parade c1955

I was 4 when this was taken and lived in Limes Road (the turning off to the right in this photo! Whenever I go back, everything seems so small!!

I used to work for Burden and Parker in Church Street as a radio and television engineer from 1963 to 1966 and remember walking past these shops twice a day to the cafe just around the corner for our tea breaks.

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