Other Memories from Weybridge

This scene of Queens Road brings back many many memories for me. First of all, when very young and at the early months of WW2, probably in the late Autumn with falling light in the after school hours. Somehow I had come across or discovered the quite elegant shops there all on one side that one would frequent when being taken to the Odeon cinema seen further up, and if one lived in Oatlands Park by way of Oatlands ...see more

My mum was then known as Angela Wright and was one of 8 children. Her mum was called Olive and they lived at 32 Thames Street in Weybridge. My mum went to St James Secondary Modern in 1958. Does anyone remember them? She would love to hear how her former school friends are. Some names she remembers are Carol Ugle Angela Baxter Carol Smith Victor Beale Roy Benstead John Alderman Ivan Higgs Many thanks, Amanda

I was 4 when this was taken and lived in Limes Road (the turning off to the right in this photo! Whenever I go back, everything seems so small!!

My parents and I lived in Addlestone, and when I was about 5 or 6 I had to have my tonsils and adanoids removed at the cottage hospital and not St Peter's. There was only 2 of us in the ward a boy about my age and myself, there was always a jugs of orange and lemon squash on the table but we only drank the orange.

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