Weymouth, The Sands c.1955

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Caption for Weymouth, the Sands c1955: Weymouth's beach has gently sloping sands and is mostly sheltered from the storms and swells of the English Channel, making it suitable for the youngest and most inexperienced of bathers. If the weather is bad, there is still a great deal to do, for new places of entertainment opened in the latter years of the 20th century.

An extract from Weymouth Photographic Memories.

Memories of Weymouth

My mum and dad had their annual holidays in Weymouth in the late 1950s through to the middle 1960s. My dad worked at Vauxhall Motors in Luton but always went on the train as he did not own a car! My earlist memories of visiting Weymouth was of standing in the corridor of the steam train waiting to get the first glimpse of (...Read full memory)

Army child and went to eight different schools 1936-1946. There was an all boys school called St Johns at Weymouth. On one of my return trips to my native county from Canada, I was perturbed to see it had been pulled down . I understand it was done just a year inside it's designation as a historical building. In (...Read full memory)

My first girlfriend went on holiday here in 1955 so I waited impatiently for a letter from her. Lovely memory

I was only small when we moved to Longfield Road but old enough to remember walking through the bombsites on the corner of Buxton Road with Rodwell, and Chapelhay, and noticing wallflowers, buddliea and butterflies among the heaps of rubble and being concerned when coming across a fireplace or something that looked like a part of someone`s house.

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