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Weymouth Photographic Memories

Weymouth Photographic Memories

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Caption for Weymouth, the Sands c1955: Weymouth's beach has gently sloping sands and is mostly sheltered from the storms and swells of the English Channel, making it suitable for the youngest and most inexperienced of bathers. If the weather is bad, there is still a great deal to do, for new places of entertainment opened in the latter years of the 20th century.

An extract from Weymouth Photographic Memories.

Memories of Weymouth

I was born in 1942 and since I was 8 have returned to Weymouth many times since. What priceless memories I have of this place and people that come to mind, school and village coach trips from Norton Fitzwarren in Somerset with our parents sat around on the beach as us children played, sadly the older folk all now gone. (...Read full memory)

I first visited Weymouth as a small child during the second world war to see my rather strict widowed maternal grandmother who lived at 10 Carlton Road South, within walking distance of the beach. I particularly recall the strong smell of gas in the kitchen and geraniums in the porchway. I have a photo of me dated 1945 (...Read full memory)

I enjoyed the photos of Weynmouth and other memories - I used to visit my aunt and uncle through the 1950s when they ran a hotel right on the quay called The Edward Hotel, now made into apartments I believe. It was right opposite the Alexandra Gardens Theatre and I enjoyed seeing so many summer shows and meeting (...Read full memory)

I have great memories of Weymouth, we used to stay just outside Weymouth at Moonfleet Manor. My parents first stayed there just after the 2nd world war, it was a complimentary holiday after a double booking at blackpool. The owners had just purchased Moonfleet and turned it into a hotel as it was used as a hospital for the (...Read full memory)

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