Wheatley, Advertisements c.1960

Memories of Wheatley

I remember first day of school in Wheatley at 5 years old and Mrs Summer used to live right next door to the school, that is where I met my best friend to be, Anne Joiner, we went to MiddleSschool and then Wheatley Park High School (previously known as Holton Park which was all (...Read full memory)

I lived at 10 The Avenue, we were the Hillsdons. We walked up Shotover Hill, swam in the river, played in the woods and never went home all day, when we went out to play the only words we heard were "Be home before it gets dark", we had so much fun. We had to walk to the secondary school in the freezing cold, no mum's with fancy (...Read full memory)

i can clearly remember driving through the village of littleworth with my mum and dad, past the cricketers pub and then being hit by the stench from what i recall was some sort of sheepskin factory or something before carrying on toward wheatley where my nan and grandad lived. it would have been (...Read full memory)

I was taken into care when i was only two years old in 1951 and came to Wheatley to live in a childrens home for a while it was called Morland house. The only memory i have is having some trouble in a swimming pool and someone fishing me out with some kind of net

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