Wheatley, Advertisements c.1960

Memories of Wheatley

I was taken into care when i was only two years old in 1951 and came to Wheatley to live in a childrens home for a while it was called Morland house. The only memory i have is having some trouble in a swimming pool and someone fishing me out with some kind of net

I worked for John Bull from Waterstock in his butcher's shop in Wheatley with Ted and a lady in 1963. The shop was opposite Sam's butchers and my wife and I lived in a bunggalow at 17 Beech Road. This was a terrible winter and we first lived with John Bull on his farm until his bungalow was finished in the summer as no work could be carried out. We now live in Bournemouth and are both retired.

I went to Wheatley Primary School next to the church and Mr Evans was the headmaster. There used to be a bakery across the road where I bought a doughnut. Mr Stimpson was my teacher. I lived in The Avenue, Wheatley, my parents still do. I bought my sweets at George's, the Last Chance cafe was across the road. I used to go swimming in the pool at the Bridge Hotel where my friend lived.

The lady on the left is Mrs Bowen; I am the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Bowen, and mum and dad owned the shop until about 1961, I think. I have many memories of the square as it was known, here the Hunt would meet up sometime before Christmas, the hounds mingling with the horses and their riders rigged out in (...Read full memory)

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