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We lived right next to the Edith Brough Home. The entrance was next to the bus stop where I used to wait in all weathers to travel into Newcastle. i think I remember the names Doreen and Bobby Futers and I remember a red haired girl called Gertrude Woodhall. The children seemed happy and I have a vague memory of going there once and being in a huge kitchen!

My name is Bill Young not related to the girl with the same name above, and I too was at the Edith Brough home in Whaggs Lane Whickham. I went there with my brother Bobby in the late 1940's, probably about 1946/7/8 although my memory isn't that good with regard to the dates. Bobby and I went first to the PCHA (...Read full memory)

That's how most people outside of the Edith Brough Whickham home referred to me. My sister (Dorothy) and I were transferred from the South Shields home to the Whickham home when I was about 11 years old after I ran away from the Edward Brough South Shields home after one too many canings. Through the (...Read full memory)

Hi my name is Elizabeth Young, or was then, as I am now married. I, along with my three older sisters, Muriel, Margaret and Anne went into the Edith Brough home on Whaggs Lane in 1953 and stayed there until we left secondary school. We were previously in the Edward Brough Home (sister home) in South Shields from (...Read full memory)

I remember delivering meat to the Edith Brough home for my father who was the manager of Charley Young at the time. I don't know why the children were there I thought they were the result of broken homes, marriages or orphans.I used to see them walking down Whaggs Lane to school.The main entrance to the home was at the (...Read full memory)

Does anyone have any information or memories of Edith Brough Homes which was on Grange Road (I think). Would love to hear from anyone who knew of anyone being there during the early 50s and what kind of home it was.

I joined the Bank Top Garage at Whickham, Bank Top, after being made redundant from George and Jobling. It was a bit run down and not what I was used too, but I thought I would get a wage so I would give it a shot. The main business was haulage and petrol sales so I was left with the task of getting customers with cars to (...Read full memory)