Whitchurch, St Alkmund's Church c.1955

Memories of Whitchurch

Firstly let be be clear I've never visited Whitchurch Shropshire. I was party to a phenomenon which took place there in the 1960s/70s. As a young journalist on several Popular Music Magazines, I became aware of major Agents in New York, Detroit and London making great efforts to ensure their artists (...Read full memory)

The house in the centre of this photo, Mill House, was the childhood home of my Great Grandmother, Sarah Jane Bushnell. My mother said that a photo similar to this was displayed on trains to advertise beautiful British places and my Grandmother used to point it out as her mother's home. Some of my forebears worked in the Mill and the mill pond sadly  took the life of at least one child.

My family on both my mother and father's side at one time came from Whitchurch. My gran and great granny were born there. My great granny never left the town in all of her 92 years,she died in 1948 after having 11 children. Looking at these photos i know that the must be relations in them as back in the early 1900 we were related to (...Read full memory)

Approximately around the 1950s it was decided to fill in the canal from the Wharf to the junction at Wrexham Road via Chemistry Lane. Most of the canal fill material was household and business rubbish but to us young boys playing in the area the attraction was the military equipment that had been discarded by the (...Read full memory)

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