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Aylesbury Photographic Memories

Aylesbury Photographic Memories

The photo 'Whiteleaf, the Cross and the Chilterns 1897' appears in this book

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Caption for Whiteleaf, The Cross And The Chilterns 1897: This photograph was taken from near Princes Risborough. The bare chalk in this view of the Whiteleaf Cross is nowadays not seen so clearly; the downs have since become covered in trees and scrub, with woods in the middle distant field. The Cross's origins are obscure. It is first mentioned in 1742, and theories vary from that it is a 9th-century Anglo-Danish battle commemoration to a form of outdoor poor relief in the 17th century.

An extract from Aylesbury Photographic Memories.

Memories of Whiteleaf

William Russell Wilson Bligh came to Australia and was living with his Uncle Sir Maurice O'Connell at Tarmons in Sydney in 1845. I have a copy of a letter written that expresses her concerns about her 18year old son and the way he is neglecting his family duty by not paying his uncle his due from his newly (...Read full memory)

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