Widnes, Ditchfield Road c.1965

Memories of Widnes

I was born in Princes Street in 1959 and lived there till 1978 when it was demolished. I grew up in Widnes and miss it terribly, I went to St Maries then Kingsway School.

This is just as I remember it when I used to go to Hough Green station (the entrance is on the extreme left of the photo) train-spotting. All steam in those days of course. The scene is very little changed today except for the cars and the lack of a petrol station. Ditchfield Road, on the extreme right of the picture, was a (...Read full memory)

born in 1940, and fond memories of schooldays at ditton primary ,in Liverpool road before moving on to simms cross, teachers were Miss Hartles Mr jones Eric Williams, Ankers Sammy Butterworth ,and not forgetting the formidable Dick Barton headmaster Then moved on to Fairfield secondry, teachers I remember Jimmy (...Read full memory)

Can anyone remember if the funeral parlour was sited were the coop used to have its repair shop in Lugsdale Road? I can remember the repair shop, I did work at the CAB in the 80s, which used that site before it moved further along the building, above was the old theatre/cinema which I have seen.

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