Memories of Widnes

I went to the School that is hiding behind the phone kiosk and the trees on the right of this photo and then later to the school in Spinney Avenue There was a sweet shop opposite the school just where that car is parked and there was a bus stop there going down Ditchfield Road. What I remember about the school, (...Read full memory)

I do not have a memory to share, but hoping you may share some with me. I am researching my family tree and I had a lot of family members from Widnes. My grandfather Timothy Mitchell - born Galway, Ireland 1866 In 1881 he lived on Back Lane, Cuerdley, with his brothers Thomas and John. The were all Farm Labourers. In (...Read full memory)

I was born in Widnes in 1939 and lived there until I married my Dutch husband in 1969. I go back about once a year and always do quite a few long walk-abouts, as I can't find my way anymore by road. Some things have hardly changed but I can't recognise downtown Widnes. I attended The Commercial College,worked at several (...Read full memory)

I lived in Beach Terrace until 1948 then moved to Christie Street. I went to St Bedes school and the Fisher More until 1955. I went to work at the Co-op in Albert Road,it was a great job and I made lots of friends. I love living in Widnes and wouldn't live anywhere else. I remember getting knocked down by a motor bike (...Read full memory)

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