Born In Wimbledon Ann Lawrence - a Memory of Wimbledon.

I was also born in Wimbledon and have such fond memories. I was born at 33 Compton Road in 1947. I had five brothers and sisters, I was the second to last child. We all attended Old Central School, Camp Road on the common, the Headmaster at the was Mr Henning. My older brothers and sisters all went on to attend Queens Road girls and boys school. I attended Pelham Girls school, Rutlish Road. It was the old Rutlish boys school, the Headmistress was Miss Drake. My family name was Lawrence. Lots of the memories of Wimbledon I have read on here are so familiar, especially the dentist in Alexandra Road. The Odeon in Worple Road, where I went to Saturday morning pictures. The Kings cinema in the high street that was turned in to a roller skating rink. The Gaumont, opposite the Elite at the other end of the Broadway. The swimming baths in Latimer Road. Since leaving Wimbledon at 15 I have moved a lot but I have never forgotten my way around a lot of the streets of Wimbledon.
Leaving Wimbledon at 15, I did not know or realise how important it was to maintain contact with my schoolmates and over the years have wondered where they are now. I particularly remember Maureen Ross whose parents ran the Russel Cafe opposite the theatre to name but one. My best friend was Susan Walker who lived in Alwyn Road.
I used to spend a lot of my time when I was small watching all the students on their way to Pittman’s College at the end of my road. My friends Mum Ella Skilton used to teach there at some point in time.
Don’t know if anybody will remember me or my family.

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Thu Feb 25th 2021, at 3:44 pm
mail commented:
Hi Pat, sorry not to have got back to you, things have been rather stressful at the moment, I have just lost one of my brothers after having lost one of my sisters last April.
I remember Maureen’s best friend was a Janet Parsons. How is Maureen, does she still live in Wimbledon.
Thu Feb 25th 2021, at 1:28 pm
Pat Ross commented:
Ann have sent you my phone number on FB
Fri Feb 19th 2021, at 6:42 pm
mail commented:
Hi Pat, my married name is Wills
Thu Feb 18th 2021, at 9:03 pm
Pat Ross commented:
Hi Maureen Ross's sister here going to see if you're on FB
Sat Jul 14th 2018, at 5:23 pm
mail commented:
Hi Sue
We must have passed each other over those years, I remember Latimer Road swimming pool very well, spent a lot of time there.

I used to go to the Odeon in Worple Road for Saturday morning pictures as It was was almost opposite the end of Compton Road. I loved all those all the old films.

There are Facebook pages, Wimbledon Group Reborn and Wimbledon School Friends if you are interested.

After moving a lot I have now returned to a different part of Surrey.

It was lovely to hear from you.

Kind regards

Sat Jul 14th 2018, at 4:48 pm
susansimmonds commented:
Dear Ann,

It was an absolute delight and pleasure to read your post, so many memories of living in Wimbledon and of Queens Road School. - I share many of your memories and thoughts. I too was born in 1947. Do you remember Saturday morning pictures at the Elite Cinema, I think; sixpence to get in and 3 pence for an ice cream. Roy Rogers and Lassie. Then swimming in Latimer Road, where one could also have a free hot bath, crisp white towels and soap all for a song. Afternoons, ballroom dancing,'picking a chicken for two with someone you love' cha, cha cha?

Firstly I lived in Leopold Road, then across the common in a large white house next to Kanazaro Park., and then Trinity Road. My mother was a housekeeper, firstly for a German Jew who had fled the Nazis during the second world war and then for a magistrate, whose mother needed care. I recall the fair that arrived on the common every Easter where I won a tea set on the bingo! Efra Road, just off Trinity Road, where a friend had Grandparents and an uncle.

So much more to say but a big thank you for all your wonderful memories.

Kindest regards
Sue Simmonds (nee Tills) -South Norfolk

Wed May 2nd 2018, at 3:12 pm
omarjane commented:
My mother was a Teacher at Pelham School when Miss Drake was the Headmistress. She would have been Miss Boulter or Mrs Kennedy.
Sun Dec 31st 2017, at 8:50 am
Hi Ann. Regrettably, no, l don't remember your brother. When I think back, it seemed as though there were hundreds and hundreds of boys at the school, as it seemed so large to a twelve/ thirteen year old. So l guess it would be nigh on impossible to get to know too many lads, apart that is, from your wee "gang". Were you recommended to the Francis Frith site by a friend? I found out about it in a magazine some time ago. And, of course, l always hope that someone with whom l had contact whilst in Wimbledon, may recognise my name, and make contact.
As you may have read in my earlier bio, one of the jobs l had in Wimbledon was as a postman. One of the two "walks" l shared with a colleague, meant that l delivered mail to the Windmill, on the common, plus along Camp Rd., Westside etc, etc. It was indeed a lovely part of Wimbledon. Fond memories!!
Best wishes, and regards Ann.
Sat Dec 30th 2017, at 6:37 pm
mail commented:
Hi Chaz
Thank you for your reply. Yes it does to reminisce as you get older. My daughter also emigrated to Tasmania some years ago with my three grandsons. I have been a few times but it is a long and expensive journey. You must have been at Queens Road with one of my brothers, Richard Lawrence, don’t know if you remember him. I do remember a Peter Joyce, I think he lived around the Pelham Road area.
I also wish you and your family a Happy New Year
Sat Dec 30th 2017, at 10:59 am
Hi Ann. Chas Joyce here. I'm writing this to you from Henderson, West Auckland, New Zealand. I occasionally look up this site, to see whether old school mates, ex work colleagues have discovered the site, and shared their memories. I too attended Queens Road school. Great memories of that school!! Mind you, l was born in 1943, at 51 Effra Rd. Wimbledon. How well l remember the Gaumont, Odeon, and of course, the Kings cinema, known to the kids as the "flea pit", for obvious reasons! Often , during the showing of a film, the film would judder, then stop altogether, much to the delight (and anger) of the young, un-ruly patrons!I wrote a bio on this site a couple of years ago, titled "Wimbledon as l remember it, 1943 to 1969". My wife and l, (plus a daughter, born in 1969) left England the same year to emigrate to New Zealand, where my wife, her Mum and Dad and two younger sisters had too in 1960. We have never been back to the UK since, but we still keep in touch with my wife's matron-of -honour, who lives in Merton Park.
It was lovely reading your bio, as it brought back a lot of memories of Wimbledon. May l take this opportunity in wishing you a very happy, safe New Year, from Aotearoa ( Maori for " Land of the long white cloud) New Zealand

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