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I left Powell Corderoy School Dorking in the summer of 1953 and started secondary school, Pelham when I was still ten. On our first day we were asked our ages. Several were twelve, most of the pupils were eleven. When finding out that I was ten the geography master volunteered to nappy change. This of (...Read full memory)

I lived in Hamilton Road from age 3 until age 8 (1950-1955). As it was just a few years after the war and school places were few, I attended a little private school called Stanley Hall School in (I believe) Montague Road. It was a church building which shared services with the school. It was run by two teachers, Miss (...Read full memory)

I was also born in Wimbledon and have such fond memories. I was born at 33 Compton Road in 1947. I had five brothers and sisters, I was the second to last child. We all attended Old Central School, Camp Road on the common, the Headmaster at the was Mr Henning. My older brothers and sisters all went on to (...Read full memory)

I was born in Nelson Hospital in March 1960 and taken home to Burley Road, where I was for my first year, then the family moved to Lancaster Road, nextdoor to the painter: Olaf Barnett. My early memories were of open spaces and for some reason, glorious Summers days spent around Rushmere pond. This pond was a big (...Read full memory)

I lived at South Park Road Wimbledon till I was about 8 Born in 1945 I remember going full time to nursery but sadly can't remember the name. I do know I attended Queens Road school till my mother remarried and we moved to Swansea, Sadly my best memories were before we moved leaving grandparents and relatives behind. Swansea (...Read full memory)

My dad was born at Wimbledon in 1922. He told me that his parents had a family business called Potts corners that included a fish n chips shop, a garage and a gentlemans club. His dad George Potter, was also a sign painter and a French polisher. The family business got bombed out in the war but the whole family survived. My grandad, (...Read full memory)

Hi, Does anyone have any old pictures of Merton High Street? Although I live in Wimbledon I remember Merton High Street being so nice and have spoken to the local MP about how horrible it looks now. Thanks JaneL

I recall The Dump, climbing across Dursford Road bridge on that sewage pipe as a dare on the way to Wimbledon Park primary school ignoring the danger getting smashed to pieces by rush hour trains. My brother, Bern, and me, Mick, played that Dump amongst all railway rats, asbestos, and that terrible stink of raw sewage. (...Read full memory)

Hi, I was born in South Wimbledon in 1954 and still live there, just off Queen's Road. I went to All Saint's infants, All Saints Juniors, Pelham Girls and Pelham Comprehensive. I also went to Pitmans College and I must say it has stood me in good stead all my working life. I remember Merton High Street when it had (...Read full memory)

Hello Does anyone remember the Haynes family that lived on Haydon's Road up until 1953? My grandfather Charlie Haynes died that year and his wife, Violet, and children Colin and Elaine then moved back to Wales. My father has lots of memories of his years in Wimbledon, particularly playing on the bomb sites as a child. (...Read full memory)